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January 23, 2022 - Sharing three reviews of Leverage the Arts Ecosystem to Influence Local Prosperity, posted on Google Books.

An effective + contemporary 'how to' for Canadian (and beyond…) arts administrators and cultural workers. Proctor is far-reaching in her mapping of the landscape: across interconnected sectors, power-structures - and does so within the frenzied context of COVID-19.
Ultimately, these chapters come back to why we're engaged in this work in the first place: the artists and the value their work brings into our lives as human beings.  

Alex Maltby
Program Manager
Arts Network Ottawa

The author, M. Catherine Proctor, has created an excellent and practical guide providing many insights into creators and their role in the cultural development of society that shouldn't be underestimated. The book touches on critical aspects of the coexistence of the creator and the society in the era of postmodernism—to connect them and help develop new approaches to their partnership.
As a professional artist, I am very grateful to the author for a fantastic job. She has generously shared her experience and vast knowledge to draw public attention to many important issues including the problems that artists face every day. It's an honour to design the cover of this book that conveys the idea of a co-creation act community for a better world that we would all want to live in.

Elena Herweyer
Founder & Creative Director at Art Fresh Marketing Agency 

Leverage the Arts Ecosystem is a comprehensive overview of the institutions and individuals that contribute to vibrant arts scenes with a roadmap for their sustainability that centres the artist. The author's clear love and passion for the arts is tempered with a clear-eyed pragmatism that stems from her experience as a professional in the field. Proctor's ecosystem approach encourages artists, arts professionals, as well as business, community and municipal leaders to think expansively and creatively about how broad and deep the arts sector is. As a consequence, it suggests partnerships and cross-fertilization that can and should be mined for benefits that accrue to everyone. Not least of these is maintaining the centrality of artists who create the basic building blocks of a joyful and meaningful society.
The author's approach mixes research, interviews and case studies to suggest innovative ways in which stakeholders beyond the studio, venue or creative digital space can be enlisted as partners in a vibrant arts scene and ultimately a stronger community. While its focus is on the artist and arts administrator faced with the daily challenge of building sustainability, it is an excellent primer particularly for community, business and government leaders. Each of these has as an objective to work in a prosperous community: Leverage the Arts Ecosystem to Influence Local Prosperity offers accessible and sometimes surprising paths to accomplishing that. 

Jeff Leiper
City of Ottawa
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