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(January 2022)

A Partnership Guide for
Arts Administrators and
Community Builders

The arts ecosystem is a stimulating intersection of opportunity and trepidation: Art and business

A vibrant arts sector impacts local business, citizens, youth, artists, governments — in short, everyone! Integrating unique, authentic, creative assets that flow from the arts across multiple sectors supports community prosperity. Through mutually-beneficial partnerships, local communities build a web of community resilience, one that is deep-rooted.

The book is written from the point of view to support all ecosystem contributors: artists, arts administrators, municipal staff/politicians, community leaders, business leaders, and more. Leverage the Arts Ecosystem to Influence Local Prosperity is a handbook that lifts the veil on subtle but highly influential impacts the arts bring to all communities. Insights support arts advocacy and highlight how the arts bind multiple, intersecting sectors and economies, such as:
  • What attracts artists to your community in the first place?
  • How to construct effective partnerships that holistically support artistic, community and business evolution.
  • Identifying arts ecosystem stakeholders and how they intersect.
  • Strategies that guide partnership and publicity efforts, leveraging universal success.
  • Why shared values, advocacy, and communication are fundamental to the process.

A video of the book launch on October 8, 2020, is now available at the News & Resources page of this website. Host Bridget MacIntosh leads a discussion about the book's contents, and kicks off the conversation by asking Cate what prompted her to write this book and "Why now?". 

What are people saying about this publication?

“Brimming with tested, practical strategies to create sturdy partnerships, allies and purposeful relationships.”— Nathan Medd, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity “Pertinent arguments on broad benefits of supporting the arts, along with practical suggestions on how to do so.”— Diane Davy, Work in Culture
“The book offers practical new tools, and guides the reader through a process of strategic evaluation.”— Guy Rodgers, English Language Arts Network An excellent partnership development tool that communicates the value of cultural products and experiences as being 'worth paying for'.”— Donald Arsenault (Retired), Government of Canada
“This book will remain close at hand as I work on strategies and tools for arts advocacy in rural and remote communities.”— Felicity Buckell, Conseil des arts Temiskaming Arts Council The reader benefits from the author’s perspective, realizing we are not alone in facing similar challenges. We are a community.”— Tom Moser, Global Marketing Partners

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