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February 22, 2023

Cate Proctor was delighted to join Rachel Marks, Executive Director of the Ontario SPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural Communities) Network to talk about her book, Leverage the Arts Ecosystem to Influence Local Prosperty. They were joined by other SPARC Board members (Chris, Gordon, and Krista) for this informative and energetic discussion. Cate explained two components of the book: The Creative Influence Within the Arts Ecosystem (diagram) and The Focus Matrix (a tool that supports partnership-building). The latter is available, free of charge, through her website.

The video recording of this Expert Chat is available on Cate's website on her News & Resources page (scroll to video and hit 'play') and through the SPARC Community Facebook page and their YouTube Channel.
Learn more about Cate's book, her work, and how she shares what she has learned (and applied) that can bring success to your work as an arts administrator, artist, municipal employee, or community builder. 
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