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Book Review, February 11, 2023
Elena Sabinova

This book is a great tool for arts administrators working in different contexts, places, and on different levels. I wish I had had this book
when I was making my first steps in art advocacy and had difficulties how to speak about the true impact of arts. What would be a good
way to reveal that arts can be an important driver of economic and social change evidence-based on those who never thought about
things that way?

Another great thing about this book is - it is applicable not only in the North American context. Those types of relationships between
different stakeholders in the arts ecosystem are quite universal.

It is clear and practical, and at the same time, helps you to "get altitude and better understand the arts ecosystem with its complex

And I can also highly recommend the Focus Matrix as a helpful instrument to design your roadmap relevant to your situation and context.

Elena Sobinova, Arts Administrator
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